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"Tell me what a prophet has in his vision today and I will tell you what the whole world will see tomorrow;  tell me what the sons of God embrace in their spirits today and this is what the world will walk in tomorrow." - John Robert Stevens

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    Chapter 26 from "2017"


"A New DNA is in the Earth"

                                           by Edward & Anne

   I’m going to give you a quick overview of what we are going to cover, because this is going to give us a greater insight into what is happening right now in the earth, and what we should be expecting.  We’re going to talk about global consciousness, bloodlines of the fallen angels1, the blood of Christ, flesh and blood not inheriting the kingdom2, a new creation3, the genetic DNA and chromosome makeup of the human species, the Nephilim4, a new genetic code, the issue of Abraham and Ishmael5, and the issue of the Israelites and their disobedience6 when they went in to possess the land.   There is quite a bit of material here we want to cover.  As well, we are going to review a vision which came October of  2015, during the blood moon.  

    We are dealing with issues of awareness as we move more deeply into this timeline.  This issue of awareness has been at the forefront of what the sons have had to deal with because they’re coming out of a state of unawareness, and into a state of clarity … the sons are coming alive.

    The more you ascend into the Father’s house, the more you are caught up, and the greater your awareness is of what is truly happening and unfolding in the realm of spirit.  The Lord asks, “Will you be aware?”  Isaiah 43:19, “Behold I will do something new.7 Will you be aware?”  That all depends upon whether you are a wise or foolish virgin8  … for only the wise will have eyes to see during this time.

    Lord, we ask Your blessing as You pull back the shrouds of deceit and illusion.  Give us insight as to what exactly is happening and how You have positioned us.   read more


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