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Sons of God

the journey of His sons


With the rapid acceleration of the darkness in the earth, we have unquestionably reached and exceeded the time of the tipping point in the earth.  The truth will prevail, and with the truth comes the judgment upon the workers of iniquity, and the principalities and the powers of this fallen age. Soon we will begin writing a series of letters addressing these changes, not so much from the perspective of the chaos in the earth, but the chaos in the spirit as God begins to deeply shake everything that can be shaken. To those who serve their father, satan, to these will come swift and decisive judgment.  It has already begun.  To be exposed to the Light, is to be exposed to judgment, whether it is corrective or punitive.  The sons are being called up, now is the time that a great work must be done.  Many are waiting.  --Edward & Anne

Books by
Edward & Anne
"The Manifestation
of the Sons of God"

Book 1
Front Line

Book 2
The Final Preparation

Book 3
Into the Light
From Life into Life

Book 4 

Set of All

4 Books

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