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Latest Update 12/19/19


"For the anxious longing of creation waits eagerly for the revealing (or manifestation) of the Sons of God.  - Romans 8:19

Everyone asks, "What is God doing?"  You can see the tumult rising in the earth, and the word is coming that is shaking both the heavens and the earth (Hebrews 13:26).

What is the answer?  The Manifestation of the Sons of God ... those who have been sent for such a day as this.  Now is the time, if you can hear the trumpet, it is time for the Sons of God to come forth.

Below are 4 books, which we have penned & lived, over the past 20 years.  These books are a doorway, as the Lord recently spoke, into the changes for those who seek Sonship & Resurrection life.

We have begun a series called, "The School of the Prophets".

The video link is below.  It will also be

available as an audio download.

- L.Edward Kjos


School of Prophets 7/22/19 "We Are In Transition"

The Final Preparation
Book 3
Front Line
Book 2
"The Manifestation
of the Sons of God"
Book 1
Into the Light
From Life into Life
Book 4 

Set of All

4 Books

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