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We first launched the Sons of God website back in 1998.  Our vision and mission has not changed, only the timeline that we are now in has.

The drive in the spirit has been to see the maturing and subsequent manifesting of the Sons of God (Romans 8).  As the days have come upon us of greater darkness and evil in the earth, it has been of paramount importance that the sons fully "come to birth".

“And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron;

and her child was caught up to God and to His throne.” - Revelation 12:5

This is the timeline.  Something so hidden that even the forces of evil are yet unaware of what God is doing.  The sons have been hidden from the world of spirit and in preparation for this time.  The rising or ascension has begun, and the rule of the Kings and Priests of God is in full swing - although for a time yet still hidden.

With this great shift that is happening now in the spirit, will come the transformation of our body .... resurrection life.  This is not a provision for the future, it is the time for it now.

To a large degree the Sons of God are beginning to frame the future by determining the present.  

The battle of the ages is here, arriving in full force with the spirit of hatred and murder that is rampant in the earth.  The dragon is being cast down and the sons are being caught up. This is already happening.

The chosen of God are still waking up.  For too long there has been a slumber in the land.  The cry is going out, "Wake Up"!  Don't miss the day of. your visitation, yet so many are still asleep.

At our site we have 4 books which have been penned over the past 10 years.  Books to prepare you for what is not only coming, but for what is here.  We have archived numerous video teachings which can be accessed at our YouTube portal:

We send our blessings to the sons who span the globe.

Edward & Anne

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