About the Podcasts:  Select podcasts will be available as we get them done, however it may not end up being weekly. They will be available to download as a PDF file for those with Android devices, or as an EPUB for those with Apple devices.  The EPUB version opens just like a booklet, but you must either have an apple product (download to your iBooks) or an EPUB reader for your Android device.  If you want to keep it simple, just download the PDF version which is viewable on either an Android or Apple device.  The link for the EPUB reader for android is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.readera

Podcast Print Booklets.  Now, if you are like me, I love to have the word in printed form.  For that reason, we are making the podcast available in hard print.  The cover is printed on beautiful glossy stock, full color, and a great resource.  These booklets will be available for a subscription of 29.00 (8 issues).  This only covers the shipping, there is no charge for the booklet itself.  If you have a group meeting, let us know how many copies you need, and if the shipping is not much more, then we will just cover it.  

*Unfortunately the cost to ship overseas to Europe, Asia, Africa etc, is too expensive to be included in the program but at least the download version

will be available to you.


Podcast 58 "Visualize Your Reality"   EPUB  PDF

Podcast 57 "The Butterfly Effect"       EPUB  PDF

Podcast 46 "Awareness"                       EPUB  PDF

Podcast 59 "Passing Through             EPUB   PDF   
                     The Veil of Illusion"

To Order an 8 Issue Print Subscription